Introducing Shop IT, world's first inconspicuous note taking mobile app for Mystery Shoppers. Not only for Mystery Shoppers awesome for daily worklife too.

Ranked No. 27 in USA and No. 10 in UK under Top Paid Business Apps Category*
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'Shop It Stealth Notes' Mobile Application, transforming the Mystery Shopping landscape on a global scale

Discreet and Time-Saving Style of Note Taking

Check out what you can do with ShopIt!

Stealth Notes

Try Shop IT - Spend less energy trying not-to-be-spotted. Afterall Time=Money

Easy Reports

Every detail is time stamped to the second. Save your time on reports

Great Customer Support

We never leave any question unanswered and any problem unresolved. We hear all your words and all the valuable need based feedback will be incorporated in this app.

Easy To Use

Intuitive and simple to use. If you can text, you already know how to "Shop It!" .

Stop worrying.
Start shopping.

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Meet the Founder


Saketh Ashvapuram

CEO & Founder

The founder of Tarushi and also the developer of 'Shop IT', who always blazingly fast thinks about providing smart apps to his customers.

What Set Us Apart

We will never let any question of your's unaswered because we believe 'Loyal Customers, they don't just come back, they insist that the product works the way which serves them better and it's our responsibility to make the things best'



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