Basic OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS, and important tips (don’t worry – these instructions are FAR shorter than your instructions for any ‘Shop’! )

How to use Shop It? … Intuitive and simple to use. If you can text, you already know how to “Shop It!”.

You can give it a spin by following the steps below:

  • Open the app
  • It will ask for permission to use your location and camera. This is only so that photos will have GPS data embedded. We do not ‘harvest’ or keep any data on our users. You can decline If desired.
  • “Text” screen opens. Press the Red “New Event” button which creates a new shop event for you.
  • “Text” a Title (such as “Burger Place”…. “Electronics Store on 8th Street”. Your first entry becomes the title.
  • “text” and “send” your note entries…they are saved to the “Current Note” page…(access this page at any time by pressing the “Current Note” button in the left sliding menu)
  • Tap the screen to “mark” any time. You will see a quick screen flash. This works great to tally or count items and people as well.
  • Double tap the screen to get a see-through camera where you can see the other side even while you type.
  • Press the record button on top right. If you receive a phone call, the recording will stop unless you have set Airplane Mode.
  • Hit “Next” key on keyboard which turns your app into a simulating game screen. You can flip back and forth.
  • Access your list of saved notes from the “Saved Notes” in the left sliding menu.
  • You can open any of these notes, and email the text or share any media with all the available social sharing apps on your phone from Shop It.

For important information, there are some neat hidden stealth features that are hard to find if you don’t know where to look! Most questions are answered on ‘info’ page in the application – just drop us an email if yours isn’t.

Still unclear? Watch the Demo Video of “Shop It!” (This video is accurate enough to give you a good overview )