Introducing Shop It


Shop IT, world’s first inconspicuous note taking mobile app for Mystery Shoppers. Not only for Mystery Shoppers awesome for daily work life too.

Our Purpose

Are you a Mystery Shopper? Need to have a secret visit and take notes without being identified?? Try Shop IT – Spend less energy trying not-to-be-spotted and save time on reports. Time=Money.

Our History

Shop It, started by an individual who had an idea which turned into a world class product and a life saver for many of the Mystery Shoppers.

Shop It, makes your life easy saving your time. Want to know how?


  • Kelly Ruddis
    Shop It app is a game changer. Reporting is simplified, and tracking receipts and photos makes life easier as they are all in one place.
    Kelly RuddisMystery Shopper, United States
  • Julie Brant Simbro
    I downloaded Shop IT a while back and think it is great! I really like the fake game screen to hide your identity. Good luck!!
    Julie Brant SimbroPresident of ACE Mystery Shopping, United States.
  • Maria Schewtschuk‎
    Shop It, is a fabulous app and real easy to use. It got everything to save your time on reports and make your note taking easy. I administrate a Mystery
    Maria Schewtschuk‎Professional Mystery Shopper, London, Admin of Mystery Shoppers UK Forum Facebook group with over 3000 members.



Saketh Ashvapuram


Also the programmer who developed Shop It.

Shop-It Notes / Timer / Recordings / Photos / Videos / Location, on the fly where everything time stamped TO-THE-SECOND

Easily save reports

Spend less energy trying not-to-be-spotted and more time observing; save time on reports since you have all your notes, timings, photos, videos and voice memos in one place.
After all Time=Money.

Inconspicuous note taking

Shop IT, world’s first inconspicuous note taking mobile app for Mystery Shoppers. Major problem of a Mystery Shopper is being identified while taking notes and now it got solved with Shop It. Shop It has been approved by over 1000 Mystery Shoppers as the best app for covert work.

Great customer support

We stand behind our app and never left any question unanswered till date. We interviewed over 100 professional Mystery Shoppers and considered every valuable review given by the users and all the valuable need based feedback has been incorporated in this app.